Over the years many have come to the library seeking information about the buildings of Rhode Island College and the people for whom they are named. Whether working on class assignments, researching college history, or simply curious, they have had to sift through multiple bits of information.

This publication brings together facts and anecdotes about the college architecture that have been gathered from many sources. It identifies each building on the Mount Pleasant campus, from its inception  in 1958  until today, and provides  information  about  its history, naming, and architectural  features. In doing so it highlights the development of Rhode  Island College and documents  its growth  from a small  educational college to a comprehensive public in situation. At the same time it showcases  the College Archives and offers a taste of its richness.

The project started with a simple idea, a buildings notebook  into which we placed items of information as the y were uncovered  from departmental  records, college  publications, dedication program booklets, college catalogs, newspaper  clippings, and more. The notebook became a reference tool, to be handed to researchers. Thanks to the talents of Elizabeth  Warburton ’10 and her willingness to return to Special Collections to take on this project, the loose leaf binder has evolved  into this history of the Mount Pleasant campus, made available  in digital and paper format, and accompanied by an easy to access and less detailed  LibGuide edition.

I  thank Liz for sharing with us her research  skills, technical  expertise, enthusiasm, and knowledge of architectural  history. I am also grateful to Hedi BenAicha, Director of the James P. Adams Library,  for  providing  from  the beginning, the encouragement and support that enabled this project to come to fruition.

Marlene L. Lopes
Special  Collections Librarian



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