Director’s Letter


Dear Reader,

The Mt. Pleasant Campus  of Rhode Island College  started with six buildings in 1954. ln a few short years the campus began to see expansion and it has been growing ever since. The growth of the campus  reflects the excellence  in the educational  programs offered at Rhode Island College.   The library would like to present  A History of Named Places and Architectural  Development:  Rhode Island College 1958-2012  by Elizabeth  Warburton to the college community  and to the community  at large.  This  is part of Adams  Library’s eff0rt to reach out through the newsletter and other publications like this one.

This project traces the historical  background of our campus  buildings to enrich our insti­tutional  memory and serves as a reference tool for generations  to come.  It is meant to contribute  to our students’ college experience  and we are confident  that our alumni  will enjoy  it as well.   For these  reasons, the library  is fortunate  that this task of researching the history of places and the architectural  development of Rhode Island College was undertaken by Elizabeth  Warburton ’10.   She also holds a master’s  degree  in Historic Preservation from the University of Vermont.

I am pleased that we embarked  on implementing  the research  that began as a conversa­tion during Liz’s senior year while working  in Special Collections  and I am impressed by the result.  It is no surprise that through diligence and professionalism  Liz has provided a superb work.  Thank  you, Liz.  Of course,  I also thank our very able Special Collections Librarian, Marlene Lopes for her editing skills and her mentoring.

Adams Library invites you to peruse and enjoy this fine publication!


Hedi BenAicha

Director of James P. Adams Library



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